About us

IMHO is a grassroots global health nonprofit organization that seeks to improve and develop healthcare services and infrastructure in under-served regions worldwide. The organization was founded on principles of humanitarianism and neutrality in 2004 by a volunteer group of committed doctors and other professionals that shared a vision for improved global health and medical care. IMHO aims to improve health care across the globe for those in need, by identifying health needs and providing resources & training to address those needs.

We believe in empowering communities to build their own health systems, improve overall health, and respond to health needs as they arise. IMHO frequently partners with local and international non-governmental organizations to better channel assistance to needy populations. Our work is focused in the areas of Primary Care & Public Health, Health Education & Training, and Capacity-Building. Over the years we have impacted thousands of lives and invested more than $3.5M in development projects and assistance!

In 2008, IMHO (which was originally formed in the US in 2004) grew with the addition of IMHO Canada, which now serves as an independent not-for-profit organization that coordinates efforts closely with IMHO USA. In late 2010, IMHO Lanka and IMHO European Union/UK were officially launched as well, marking a new frontier in the growth of the organization. IMHO USA is a registered USAID Private Voluntary Organization and a member of InterAction, the largest conglomeration of US-based relief & development agencies.

Due to the unique nature of the organization, IMHO is primarily focused on impoverished and disadvantaged regions of Sri Lanka, where marginalized populations have endured conflict, poverty, and other hardships. IMHO works through an extensive network of contacts on the ground, including local doctors, health care officials, and other grassroots organizations in identifying health needs, and then providing resources and training to accommodate those needs. Over the years IMHO has also contributed to emergency relief and development efforts in Burma, Bangladesh, DR Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, the Philippines, Somalia, Canada, and USA.