What does IMHO do?

  • IMHO helps fill the critical gaps that exist in health care delivery systems in developing countries through our strong network of grass roots organization and existing health care systems in that country to better assist needy populations.
  • IMHO has established three primary healthcare centers and three psychiatric centers in mostly rural regions, help train staff and and provide equipment to accommodate medical needs in the area. These health workers have provided essential health education, disease prevention, counseling, and treatment.
  • IMHO has provided medicines, medical books, staff support, and a myriad of health and medical supplies. Various efforts have been undertaken to develop health infrastructure across Sri Lanka in Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Emergency care, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Mental Health, Nephrology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Surgery, and more.
  • The organization also operates mobile clinics, to regions out of reach of the primary care centers. Through these efforts, IMHO has provided healthcare to tens of thousands of individuals.
  • Additionally, IMHO responds in times of crisis, both in Sri Lanka and around the world, by helping to address the immediate health and medical needs, providing life-saving nutrition and medicines, equipment & medical devices, and providing shelter.
  • During tsunami, times of flooding, and other natural and manmade disasters, IMHO always responds…IMHO also works to innovatively supplement healthcare infrastructure, by providing specialized resources.
  • In addition to this infrastructure development, IMHO has sent over 500 healthcare professionals to Sri Lanka, to provide emergency relief and healthcare services. In 2010, IMHO also organized its first team of 6 volunteers to work with hospitals in Northwest Ethiopia. Several volunteers have since returned representing IMHO.
  • As the war in Sri Lanka came to an end in 2009, IMHO was the first to respond with emergency food relief inside the conflict zone. Since then, the organization has been committed to rebuilding lives through efforts in mental health, physical rehabilitation & prostheses for amputees, microcredit/grants & livelihoods development, primary care, elders care, assist widows and orphans and many other emergency relief & development measures.