Sri Lanka Food Festival for Sustainable Livelihood

Saturday, August 1, 2015 - 5:30pm

Rush Park Auditorium

3021 Blume Dr
RossmoorOrange County, California 90720
United States
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In Sri Lanka, thousands of people lost their lives, limbs, houses and jobs during the war that ended in 2009. Based on news reports, about 80,000 women lost their husbands and became widows. Children from these families and amputees are still struggling to find sustainable livelihood to move forward in their lives.

With your generous contribution and with the help from local charity organizations, we can support some of these families obtain sustainable livelihood, kids to excel in their education and amputees to have proper care and toilet facilities with commode.

Toilets with commode for paraplegics

For them, it’s a basic need!
War is over. Yet they battle everyday. A portion of the funds will be used to build toilets with commode

Madhavam - A center for neurodevelopmental disorders

Portion of the fund will be contributed towards the operating cost of the center established by IMHO

A much needed center with well trained staff for Autistic Kids


Motivating kids who lost a parent

Educating and cultivating young minds, particularly vulnerable children is the key to prevent violence in the society. A portion of the fund collected will be used to conduct motivational workshops for students who lost a parent.

Nutritious flour mix to fight malnutrition in children of Vanni

Malnutrition in young children has been a long chronic problem among young children particularly in North, East and Central provinces of Sri Lanka. Malnutrition affects kids’ learning ability significantly and will interfere slowly in their development. It is so detrimental to society in the long run as these underdeveloped kids grow up and become the bearer of the future society.

Support for livelihood to 5 to 10 widow families

It is estimated that there are more than 89,000 widows living in the North and East of Sri Lanka. Most of them lost their husbands due to the civil war that ended in 2009. Still most of these families are struggling without proper income. It would be great if a few of these families are provided assistance for sustainable livelihood such as providing milk bearing cows.

Purchasing tokens in advance help us a lot. Tokens are available at the entrance too. Please make check payable to: IMHO
100% of the funds collected (with zero overhead) will be sent to the above projects through a non political, not‐for‐profit, humanitarian organization IMHO, a 501(C)(3) registered charity in USA (, Federal Tax ID: 59‐3779465). Your contributions are tax deductible.

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