E - Newsletter

Jan 2011

1. As part of the ongoing micro-grants and livelihoods support efforts in Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka, 40 families are now benefiting at present from the support provided by IMHO.

Dec 2010

As another year draws to a close, IMHO ended the year with a flurry of activity in support of a whole host of efforts across Sri Lanka,

Nov 2010

A land of extremes where the beautiful landscapes contrast sharply with images of mind-numbing poverty, Ethiopia is an ideal new frontier for IMHO, where a little service can go a long way in saving and improving the lives of the most vulnerable.

Sep 2010

 According to the latest USAID statistics, only 31,000 of the 431,000 persons displaced by the end of the war in Sri Lanka remain in the IDP camps, meaning the other 72% have since been resettled.

Aug 2010

As we highlighted in our last e-newsletter, microcredit projects and other livelihoods support are crucial to rebuilding lives and communities in the war-affected areas of Sri Lanka.

Jul 2010

With the resettlement of war-affected persons in Vanni, there still remains much to be done in serving this vulnerable demographic and bringing them to their feet again.

Jun 2010

IMHO Medical Volunteer Trip to Ethiopia 2010 WHEN: 17-30 October 2010 WHERE: Addis Ababa & Bahir Dar, Ethiopia WHY: To serve those in need by providing quality health & medical care WHO: Medical doctors & health professionals (especially those with a background in diabetes care, cardiology, eye care, primary care, & telemedicine) HOW MUCH: $995 all-inclusive, excluding airfare

May 2010

The 7th Annual Convention of the International Medical Health Organization (IMHO) took place with great success on Friday, April 30th and Saturday, May 1st at the Hilton Hotel in Boston (Woburn).

Apr 2010

This past year has been a very trying one for many in Sri Lanka, as those affected by the long-standing civil war now struggle to put the pieces of their lives back together.

Mar 2010

In the wake of the cessation of hostilities in Sri Lanka's devastating civil war, there are a large number of people across the Northeast that suffered limb loss and are in need of urgent help.

Feb 2010

We are very excited to share with you news out of Jaffna, where the Jaffna Teaching Hospital Heart Treatment Complex was officially unveiled this week, thanks to the hard work and commitment of Jaffna cardiologist Dr. Lakshman.

Jan 2010

As the humanitarian crisis in Haiti continues to unfold, the world is responding in remarkable ways.

Nov 2009

The remaining Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who are currently residing in welfare camps in Vavuniya, are due to be resettled shortly under current government schemes, with many thousands already having been released.

Oct 2009

Battered by a series of natural disasters in the latter part of 2009, massive humanitarian  needs arose in many countries in South and Southeast Asia, including the Philippines and  Indonesia.

Sep 2009

IMHO has currently lent its support to a project to fully rehabilitate war victims in Northern Sri Lanka left disabled from this year's violence.

Aug 2009

As of July 17, the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported that  nearly 282,000 IDPs were still residing in temporary camps in the Northern Province,  including approximately 221,000 people in Manik Farms IDP camp.

Jul 2009

The struggle  to survive  continues in Northeast  Sri Lanka, even monlhs after the violence  officially  came to an end, as hundreds  of thousands of lnternally  Displaced  Persons  (lDPs)  who have endured  incredible hardship  remain  confined  to overcrowded  internment  camps.

Jul 2009

With the conflict now officially  over, attention  has tumed to the poor humanitarian  conditions under which hundreds  of thousands of displaced persons  are now living.