Up Country Area Needs

Hatton, SL- Harrington “B” Estate- Kotagala

Local Partner: World Vision (WV) 

Sanitation Improvements for Poor Working Families:

Partner with WV to build 1,000 toilets to improve the living conditions and meet the basic sanitation needs. IMHO donated funds for construction of 40 toilets thus far.

 Goal: $210,000

Maskeliya, SL-16 of 54 Estates  

Local Partner: Empowering for Development (E4D), a local NGO

IMHO’s financial commitment included assisting E4D recruit full time staff and a program manager to implement the following approved activities for long term development. Transportation assistance is also provided for more efficient implementation.

I.Caring Hand Project – Assist 60 Destitute Children for 24 months

Goal: $21,000

II. Empowerment Projects:

  1. Saving Groups (164 households as of Feb.2017) to promote saving and future investment
  2. Reading Groups (194 children as of Feb. 2017) to improve reading skills
  3. Additional groups to be formed monthly as needed
  4. After school classes for school children up to A/L
  5. Future activities to include youth vocational training to promote self-reliance and early childhood care development training for preschool teachers

Goal: $100,000


Goal = $ 231 000
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