Up Country Area Needs

Sanitation Improvements for Poor Working Families in Hatton, SL

World Vision has requested funds to build 1,000 toilets to improve the living conditions and meet the basic sanitation needs. Each toilet is estimated to cost $210. IMHO will provide funds to initially build 50 units with the help of World Vision. Donations will be needed to meet the goal.

Goal: $210,000

Project to Assist Destitute Children, Maskeliya, SL

Funds are needed for destitute children from the area living with grandparents or single parents to continue their education. Currently the need is to support 60 kids for 24 months at a cost of $21,000 including expenses related to monitoring and transport. IMHO is initially contributing funds to meet the expenses of the children for six months with the help of the local grass root organization, Empowering for Development (E4D), recommended by the World Vision Program Director.

Goal: $21,000

Goal = $ 231 000
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