IMHO Advisory Board Chairman Receives Distinguished Award

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IMHO wishes to congratulate Dr. Deva Caanthan of Fort Myers, Florida on his recent recognition by the Lee County, Florida Medical Association for his “outstanding leadership and public service for our community and abroad, above and beyond the call of duty.” Dr. Caanthan received this distinguished award at a ceremony on January 18th, 2013 alongside his family and colleagues. He has served the people of Lee County as a nephrologist for many years and was instrumental in the construction of a local Hindu Temple, having served on the temple’s Board of Trustees. In addition to his local community service work, Dr. Caanthan has been an integral part of the IMHO team, serving as a Board member and recently as the Chairman of our IMHO Advisory Board. In addition to the organizational support he has provided over the years, along with his and his wife’s continuous generosity in financially supporting our efforts, Dr. Caanthan has also volunteered his time and services in Sri Lanka working directly with disadvantaged and war-affected communities. His service is truly commendable, and we are eternally grateful for his commitment and unceasing compassion. We offer our most sincere congratulations to Dr. Caanthan on this much-deserved recognition!