IMHO initiates Junior Leadership Program (JLP)


Junior Leadership Program (JLP)

JLP Mission:

IMHO understands its obligation towards the local community here in the US and strongly believes that the next generation of leaders need to get involved now in order to carry forward its mission to help the people in need not only in Sri Lanka but also in other parts of the world.

JLP Objectives:

*Provide a medium for youth members to interact on career guidance to succession in STEM, Healthcare, Mass media, Language studies (Tamil, Spanish, French, Chinese) and Laws – domestic and International laws.

* Create a platform for communities scattered across the US states to form a strong collaboration and partnership in various areas of interests.

* Unite talents and provide assistance with respect to pursuing their career dreams through coaching and effective leadership.

* Help preserve history, cultural values and promote awareness on the new developments.

* Understand the educational needs of the youth in the N_E of the country and explore ways to raise bar on the academic excellence.

* Adheres to IMHO Core principles in terms of serving the community in need.

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