IMHO's Livelihood Assistance to Families in Sampoor, Trincomalee.

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PLEASE SEE MESSAGE FROM ASSIST RR:   Dear friend,First of all, I would like to wish you a happy and prosperous new year. I wish you a successful 2018 that may enable you to help the less fortunate more in 2018.I also would like to share a good news on the eve of the new year. I am sure you are aware that Assist RR has been working in Sampoor providing shelters, toilets and livelihood assistances, with the partnership of many kind hearted individuals and like minded organisations around the world. As part of livelihood assistance, IMHO, USA, provided funds to purchase 5 sets of engine boats and nets, which were handed over to the beneficiaries on 23rd Nov 2017 and 27th Dec 2017. Dr Rajam Thevendran, IMHO, USA and her husband Dr Thevendran from New York, and Henry Aamlaraj, President of Assist RR (SL) attended the handing over ceremony on 27th Dec 2017. IMHO, USA have already funded another 5 sets of engine boats and nets in June/July 2017. Each boat has been successfully shared by 5 families. This meant 50 families are being benefitted by these 10 sets of engine boats and nets (costing nearly Rs 5.5 Million) funded by IMHO, USA.I also would like to inform you that IMHO USA have already funded 119 shelters to Sampoor IDPs at a cost of Rs 14.28 Million (around $95,000). I will provide a complete update on shelters and toilets when we complete Sampoor project, hopefully in 2018. Assist RR, on behalf of Sampoor IDP families, would like to express its gratitude to IMHO USA for their continued support to enhance the lives of Sampoor families.I attach some photos of the boats handing over ceremonies.Regards,SarvesDr Velautham SarveswaranAssist Resettlement & Renaissance 

First Heart Surgery at Teaching Hospital Jaffna -Supported by IMHO

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Teaching Hospital  Jaffna reached an important milestone bydoing the first open Heart Surgery.Mr.S.Rajasekaran 27 year old from Vavuniya underwent large ASD correction.Dr.M.SMugunthan Cardiothoracic with his team  members  performed thesurgery. Dr.S.Premskrishna and his team gave anaesthesia to the case.It took three hours.  Patient recovered well at ICU.Note: Catheterization lab was supported/sponsored by IMHO 

IMHO Supports Stem Cell/Bone Marrow Donor Program in the US

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You Can help save a life-become a Stem cell or Bone Marrow Donor.  Approximately every 3 minutes in the US, someone new is diagnosed with blood cancer. Approximately every 10 minutes, someone dies. Right now, some patients from our community are battling life threatening diseases like leukemia. Some patients however can be cured, with a marrow/blood stem cell transplant.The South Asian population (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka) in the US is rapidly increasing. South Asians are not immune to illness and increasingly diagnosed with cancer both young, middle aged and the elderly. While treatments are effective in most diseases, South Asians diagnosed with blood cancers like leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell anemia are at a critical disadvantage and often succumb to the disease. The reason is a bone marrow match must be located for a transplant. The odds of finding a fully matched donor depend on the patient’s ethnic heritage. About one-third of patients can find a match among their siblings, while two-thirds have to depend on the generosity of unrelated donors. The problem arises as minorities are vastly underrepresented in the national registry and account for only 6 % of the 13.5 million total number of registered individuals. There are only about 800,000 people of Asian ancestry registered on the "Be The Match® national registry".  Finding an unrelated donor for a South Asian patient is a daunting task and has been described as “ like finding a needle in a haystack,” . How can we help to prevent needless deaths from blood cancers? We need everyone, who is 18 to 44 years old, to commit to registering. Registering is simple – just a swab of the inside of your cheek. Find a registration drive in your area with one of the following organizations. ,  Contact:,  Facebook: Committed donors are needed! Did you know almost 50% of minority donors refuse to donate after being informed they are a potential match to a patient? We need to change this statistic. WHAT IF I AM A MATCH?You will be contacted to give a small blood sample for further testing to confirm you are a good match and to make sure you are healthy enough to donate.  Then you will have to complete a physical exam and a counseling session. If you are chosen, there are two methods of donation: PBSC can be the first option since the process is done 70-80% of the time and Marrow Harvesting the second option in 20-25% of the time.  PBSC - The blood stem cells are taken from your blood stream through your arm.  Prior to this collection, a medicine (Filgrastim) is taken to increase the blood stem cells. During the donation, the blood is drawn from one arm into a machine which collects the blood stem cells and the remaining blood is returned to the other arm. There is no blood loss.Marrow Harvesting - 3-5% of your blood stem cells are removed from your hip area under anesthesia (The donor decides if it general or local). The body regenerates it in a few weeks.  There is no pain during the procedure because of the anesthesia. The most common complaint is soreness at the site of the extraction for a few days. Pain medicine is given as needed. Only done 22% of the time.Thank youTeam IMHO

IMHO Support Career Counseling Program in Kilinochi, Sri Lanka

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We organize our stall in a hall, which can accommodate around 50 students. A medical officer and relevant health staff (nurse, pharmacist, medical lab technician, etc...) will explain about the training and career opportunities available for science stream students in health sector.Date: Sep 16th and Sep 17th, 2017   

With IMHO support, JJCDR completes 30 years of its establishment.

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PLEASE SEE MESSAGE from the founders below: Dear Sir,  It makes us  the  founder members of  JJCDR proud as we announce that we have crossed another milestone in the history of our organization.  On the 1st of July JJCDR completes 30 years of its establishment. We take this occasion to thank IMHO for being an earnest partner of JJCDR and we wish to explore new heights in the future Dr(Mrs)S.Theivendran                                                 Dr(Mrs) J.Ganeshamoorthy